Zoom Q3HD Camcorder

If you looking a good quality camcorder, you might want to have this product!!!

From a build standpoint, the Q3HD leaves something to be desired. The body is crafted of light weight plastic that isn’t cheap, but probably wouldn’t stand up to a short drop to the pavement. The buttons are also made of plastic, and while they’re very responsive they do feel a bit hollow to the touch when pressed.

With the proliferation of smartphone video cameras, most now reaching 720p HD quality, it’s anyone’s guess why one would invest during a stand alone pocket sized camcorder. Enter the Zoom Q3HD.   It records full HD video, however what makes this gizmo a worthy look is its twin condenser microphones.

Q3HD has a built-in USB plug for transferring footage to any computer. It mount as a USB storage device, meaning you can drag and drop files to your desktop as you see necessary. Other ports embrace a headphone jack, line in, 5V DC power port, TV out and SD card slot. Q3HD’s ability to capture full HD video. Though its size, 2.4-inches, suffices in most use cases. More on this later.

The dual condenser microphones can record audio in two formats: PCM and AAC. AAC is limited to 48khz, while PCM allows for a variable bit rate ranging from 44.1khz to 96khz. To save space, AAC can be limited to 160kbps or increased to 320kbps, the latter akin to CD quality sound. PCM provides just two bit rate options, 16 and 24bit.

Q3HD is its ability to capture audio. It adds a level of depth not found in the Flip or Sony Bloggie Touch pocket camcorders. Street noise, chirping birds, airplanes and those alike are now on par with the quality of the picture one expect from a full HD piece of kit. A switch, placed on the left side of the camcorder, allows the gain to be adjusted from low, to high to auto. Auto, which is probably the best choice for most scenarios, at times decreased the volume of the audio too much.

Included are 2 AA disposable batteries, therefore if you would like a chargeable expertise you’ll need to hunt those out on your own. Zoom says you must achieve regarding 2-four hours of use per charge, that appeared to be on par with my expertise.

Since the core focus of the Q3HD is audio quality, which in turn means that audio levels need to be displayed on the screen, a small portion, less than half of it, is used to show the image during recording. However, during playback the screen is used in full, but you’ll be required to turn it width wise.

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