Speedlite YN560 Flash for Canon, Nikon, Sony Cameras

This flash is excellent for numerous reasons. If you’re simply starting in photography, you should try this flash. If you’re a pro and you would like either a back-up, a slave, and/or if you love to figure in manual, you should take a look at this flash. Yes, it doesn’t have any automatic functions, but for the worth to feature ratio, you get more than enough to up your game with flash photography.It works perfectly and being thus much cheaper than name brand ones extremely make it an wonderful worth and nice purchase.

Recycle time with NiMHs is crazy fast. The ‘beep’ on recharge is a good method to verify they went off. Build quality is jaw-dropping for the price. Head is the identical size because the Canon 580 thus it takes the identical size Stofen and different size-specific accessories. LED Lights for power level can be seen and adjusted easily while mounted high on a light stand. (Canon units with the LCD invariably would like to be lowered on their stands to regulate them). Level/zoom changes on the YN560 are one or two button presses (compared to Canon’s where you’ve got to hold down the choose button for 1-two seconds, then build adjustment, then ‘choose’ to set).This is perfectly nice.

So what are you waiting for!!!


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