Repairing Stuck Lens Covers

If you have a camera with an automatic lens cover, then the lens cover is stuck it can be distressing. A lens cover can jam or become stuck if fine particles, like sand, realize their way into the mechanism. The resolution is to scrub the mechanism and dislodge the particles.

A stuck automatic lens cover may be a fairly common drawback, however it’s normally straightforward to fix. A single grain of sand jamming the quilt mechanism is generally the cause, and you would like to attempt to dislodge it:

1) Attempt blowing tons of compressed air around the lens cover to wash the mechanism. Or use a hair dryer for a few seconds (don’t need to heat up the camera). Use no heat mode if possible.

2) Slide a thin strip of paper between the lens cowl shutters and also the outer support ring. Work it around 360 degres to clear out any debris that will be in there.

3) With the lens barrel extended and pointed downward, tap the lens barrel with a pencil while you extend and retract the lens by powering the camera on and off. Repeat the higher than three steps many times. If repeated tries do not work (keeping in mind that it usually does), it then could be necessary to open the lens barrel to access the lens cover mechanism.

General sense and camera care, like not dropping the thing or allowing it to be jostled about an excessive amount of, is the most effective step you can take, not simply for preventing automatic lens cover issues but most issues with a camera.

Vacuuming the interior of your camera case at regular intervals is another smart plan. A shocking quantity of sand and alternative particulates can build up in the lining, against that your camera is rubbing when not in useā€”and probably obtaining particles lodged at intervals its mechanisms.

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