Flexible Tripod

Flexible Tripod post image

There are many types of flexible tripod and there some of them looks like of a spider.

Mobislyder:Camera Slider

Mobislyder:Camera Slider post image

The Mobislyder from Glidetrack appearance a small amount like a skateboard with four screaming inexperienced feet.

Nikon D4

Nikon D4 post image

The ergonomic changes to the camera’s body is very conducive.Nikon has added 2 mini-joysticks to the back of the D4.

Samsung MV800

Samsung MV800 post image

MV800 is very straightforward to use. The ‘Home’ button next to the rear screen instantly gets you to the most menu, and for users of sensible phones, the strategy of navigation is very similar.

5 ways to get good portrait picture

5 ways to get good portrait picture post image

It is amazing how much the direction of your subject’s eyes can impact a picture. Most portraits have the subject trying down the lens – one thing that can create a real sense of affiliation between a theme and those viewing the image.

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