Nikon V1 10-Megapixel Digital Camera!

The Nikon V1is harbingers of the new Nikon 1 System technology. Nikon V1 is geared toward a rather more savvy user. The Nikon V1, could be a mirror less 10-megapixel camera with interchangeable lens capability, electronic viewfinder and an accessory port to affix flashes and such. It comes with a customary USB data cable for file transfer, battery charger and and 7.0V 1900mAh Li-ion battery.

The camera is small and light-weight and the video specs are very smart moreover. There is even a high speed video mode that enables you to shoot very short clips at 400 fps. When you play back at a normal 30 fps the footage becomes incredibly slow slow motion. While the video lacks a little bit of finesse in the audio realm the check clips you shot at regular 1080i and 1080p are sharp and the color is nice. There may be a customary socket for an external microphone and variable sensitivity settings in the menu.

The new Nikon one tech on the V1 allows all types of cools things. There is the ability to snap photos whereas video recording, a brand new system for interchangeable lens, advanced noise reduction, auto focus paired with super quick shoot speeds and GPS functionality to feature location based info to your photos.Nikon gave additional than a little thought to the management layout on the V1 and you will very much appreciated it. They created it simple to tweak the camera’s settings initial by putting the EV management on an arrow key simply down from the thumb grip and second by putting the Zoom lever to work for shifting other options.

Operating the camera is a pretty simple affair. There is an on/off switch at top. But you must “Rotate the zoom ring [on the lens] to extend the lens” before an image will appear on the back monitor or in the electronic viewfinder.┬áNow choose the type of perform and subsequently the type of photo you wish to take. The Mode Dial on the rear offers four modes. They are Motion Snapshot mode, Smart Photo Selector, Still Image and Movie mode. The wheel is much smaller than your thumb, yet easy to adjust and selection lock in place nicely.

The Motion Snapshot mode is for recording short movie vignettes to accompany your photos. Each time the shutter is released the camera records a still image and roughly a 0.1sec of movie footage. The end result is a short movie played back in slow motion over approximately 2.5sec, followed by the still image.

The Smart Photo choice is where the touted enhanced auto focus works most vigorously. Select Smart Photo for capturing facial expressions, particular poses during movement or alternative not-therefore-straightforward to time scenes. Each time a photograph is snapped the Nikon V1 automatically chooses the most effective shot and 4 “best shot” candidates primarily based on composition and changes in distance from camera to subject. This mode is great and you’ll be able to very relish trying through the four candidates for the most effective image within the quartet. The auto focus is additionally very intelligent and consistently tries to refocus primarily based on minor movements and changes you make.

The Still Image mode will undoubtedly be your go-to photo function. Just press the shutter button half way to initiate the auto focus. If satisfied, depress the button all the way to snap your shot. You can select the aforementioned shutter type with Function button.The beauty of these lenses is their size. Compared to dSLR glass, they’re miniatures. But they’re also slightly but noticeably (in the hand) smaller than Micro Four Thirds lenses. You can thank the smaller sensor for that.

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