Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras!!!

The smart thing concerning this flash is that it recognizes a DX or an FX camera, and it adjusts the zoom accordingly. Using some rechargeable Eneloop batteries, this flash will recycle quick enough to stay pace with Nikon burst rate, and you will feel sort of a paparazzo. It has a engineered in bounce card, wide angle diffuser, and it tilts a few degrees below level. This is nice for close-up/product photography sort shots. It additionally rotates the total 360 degrees. It’s as straightforward as flipping a switch. If you have a D7000, or different Nikon, you can use the designed-in flash to trigger this flash wireless for additional creative lighting.

The new power switch makes it very simple to modify between ttl/manual flash and between on-camera/wireless/commander modes. No longer is there any would like to pull up secret menus to induce to the wireless flash functions.The addition of the SU-4 slave flash mode makes this a worthy upgrade from the SB-600 alone.The additional accessories included with the flash create up for the distinction. The included “stofen-vogue” filter and 2 color gels make for a nice kit while not having to buy extra third party supplies. There are a lot of great features.

You’ll not be disappointed. Adding an external bounce flash was one among the most effective you made to your footage permitting you to really get the colors you wished.This truly makes your pictures good and make your day.


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