Kyocera Finecam SL400R

Kyocera Finecam SL400R has excellent image quality, that fully meets expectations of a 4M pixel camera.There may be a designed in flash, that allows taking photos over affordable distances (2 to 4 m). Fortunately the camera comes with a designed in manual focus therefore that you’ll be able to always use the camera. The Kycocera clearly takes the lead for indoor pictures like taken at parties etc.Also the Kycoera encompasses a pretty reasonable flash – given the small size.

A major advantage of the camera over any different ultra compact is that the swivel body. Thanks to the swivel body you will be able to place the camera on any flat surface or hold it onto a poll etc so that you’ll take already dark pictures and self timer pictures without a tripod. You may like this if doesn’t like to carry tripod.

Another major advantage of the camera is the optional filter thread. This method you finally have a compact camera that permits you to feature polarized filters etc that was once the privilege of larger cameras.

The quality of the videos you’ll be able to take with this camera can surprise you (30 fps with 640×480 dots). You’ll take video clips of any length – after all this takes memory.

To refill the battery you merely want to attach the ability twine to the camera while not extracting the battery or needing a cradle. The camera has the quality tiny USB connector, which makes directly downloading images without card reader very convenient. Kyocera provides the USB to tiny USB converter cable among the package.

All the options are easily accessible and conveniently located.



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