The Essential Guide To Taking Better Photos On Holiday

Nothing beats a great vacation. The perfect family holiday will provide you with magical memories to last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s only natural that you wish to record those moments forever.

Let’s face it, we’re all a little camera happy in this digital age of Facebook and Instagram. While a lot of those images are a little pointless, there is no doubt that your holidays are the perfect time to take some wonderful pictures. After all, you might never visit the area again.

However, most holidaymakers want to capture their memories in a better way than taking a few snapchat photos with their mobile. Here’s how you can be sure you’ll get the perfect vacation snaps time and time again.

Camera & Lens

The first thing that any photography enthusiast needs is a decent camera. Your iPhone might do the trick when you’re on a night out in the local nightclub back home. However, when it comes to the important moments in life, you will need a better option. In most cases a DSLR is the obvious solution.

It’s not all about the camera, though. Your lens plays an even more significant role, and you must be sure to choose one that is suited to your holiday needs.

This piece of equipment can be expensive. But it’s certainly worth the investment as your photos will be far better than if you used a cheap compact camera. There are many great deals on the market, choose your equipment wisely and it will give you the perfect foundation.

The Right Understanding

A bad workman always blames his tools. Quite frankly, a good understanding of how your equipment works is a must. Otherwise, your results will always have a limited quality.

One of the great things about holiday is that you get to experience new locations and sceneries. With this in mind, you should learn some basic landscape photography tips to ensure that you get the desired results.

You don’t necessarily need to know the finer details of photography, but you should know how to frame a scene. Without this knowledge, you can still get some decent snaps. In truth, though, you’ll end up deleting far more images than you keep.

This might not be a problem in some scenarios, but there are times when you only get one shot. Don’t let a lack of understanding let it slip.


Nice landscape shots might not be the only type of photo you take on holiday. If you’re taking an adventure trip, there’s no doubt that you’ll want some great images to remind you of the fun and excitement. However, finding time to take them can be difficult.

This is where a GoPro camera can come to the rescue. These versatile beauties aren’t right in every situation, but they are capable of taking some stunning shots. Quite frankly, it could be your secret weapon to ensuring that you never miss a golden opportunity.

The GoPro opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Combine it with your DSLR and your next holiday album should be the greatest one yet.

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