Digimo Camera:Awesome picture with low budget

If you wish to capture some seriously awesome-trying shots while not needed the use of pricy accessories and ponderous equipment, this perhaps what you looking for!!!

Digimo has 3 cool features, and even one would be enough to sell it on the prevailing camera market.

The first is that it can split in 2. This turns out to be useful for things where you wish to take a image of one thing remotely. You’ll be able to even see a image of what you are taking, as there’s an LCD on both halves.

The second feature is that it can do 3D pictures. As you would possibly grasp, 3D photos are taken with 2 completely different camera lenses. When each halves are put together, this camera can get you the 3D pics that you want, if you are into that sort of factor.

The third feature is that the Digimo is terribly modular. It has an extendable telescopic leg that may reach up to 50 centimeters, and you’ll see the ball and socket connectors that may stand one half of the camera at an angle.

The Digimo is way smaller than most standard digital cameras out there within the market nowadays. And it comes with a ton of accessories and attachments, right out of the box (or, well, it’s future box, if it will get picked up by a manufacturer), thus you can start taking unconventional and professional shots right away.

Digimo is thus fun as a result of it’s versatile and you’ll use it in ways in which that you just only imagine with the camera that you might own now. It permits wireless linking between the cameras to realize coordinated shots, and you can conjointly management the shooters wirelessly to read and capture images remotely.

These cameras can be useful during sporting events, concerts, performances and other events, where everything happens very quickly, and it is tough to keep track of everything that is happening around. In addition, the loving parents certainly lightweight up the desire to shoot from totally different angles and perspectives their kids which are growing thus quick.


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