Tips on Taking Nature Photography

Whether you shoot indoor photography, outdoor or both you have better have your technique down or you are going to wind up with a bunch of bad pictures.


The Essential Guide To Taking Better Photos On Holiday

Nothing beats a great vacation. The perfect family holiday will provide you with magical memories to last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s only natural that you wish to record those moments forever. Let’s face it, we’re all a little camera happy in this digital age of Facebook and Instagram. While a lot of those images are a little pointless, there is no doubt that your holidays are the perfect time to take some wonderful pictures. After all, you might never visit the area again. However, most holidaymakers want to capture their memories in a better way than taking a few snapchat [...]


5 ways to get good portrait picture

It is amazing how much the direction of your subject’s eyes can impact a picture. Most portraits have the subject trying down the lens – one thing that can create a real sense of affiliation between a theme and those viewing the image.

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Repairing Stuck Lens Covers

A stuck automatic lens cover may be a fairly common drawback, however it’s normally straightforward to fix.


Best Holiday Gift

Holiday season is coming up. You looking for best camera suit for your loves ones. There are so many types of camera in the market.


Enjoy the Scenery

Whether a tranquil haven of serenity or a jam-packed platform for people, the beach may be a perfect location for all genres of photography; macro, documentary, seascape, portrait and even wildlife.Beaches are rife with chance for macro shots and creative abstracts.


Understand The Image Resolution!

Pixels are the building blocks of each digital image.


Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

This may be a fairly complete overhaul of the second edition.


How to Fix Lens Error on a Digital Camera!!

Good Guide to Fix Lens Error

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