Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens!!

This lens is maybe what you need!!!

This one is light-weight enough that you didn’t notice you carrying a camera everywhere. This lens in tack sharp. You will be amaze if you use it at night, the lens not only showed hundreds of stars that were invisible to your eyes, however it additionally found a galaxy.It shows the hearth in the colors you photograph. The wide aperture means that candles will be excellent lights for portraits. Its slim field is nice.

This lens is “fast” in that it has a very wide most aperture (f/1.8), which means it lets through additional light-weight and can thus take photos with a faster shutter speed than a “slower” lens. A wide aperture also permits for very shallow depth-of-field (and thus a heap of background blur).

Because of the wide aperture, the lens is useful both for lower-light conditions–permitting you to still shoot at quick enough shutter speeds to permit hand holding and often while not having to feature a flash–and for portraiture in well-lighted conditions, in that the background can be blurred.


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