Best Holiday Gift

Holiday season is coming up. You looking for best camera suit for your loves ones. There are so many types of camera in the market. This tips might help you in choosing the best camera for your loves one:

  1. What they are gonna do with the camera?Everybody has different reason to use the camera.Maybe for working, studying or just a hobby.
  2. How many times expected to be use. It depends to the needs. For working, maybe for everyday use but for a hobby maybe only sometimes.
  3. Think the best camera suit to the needs. There so many types of camera in the market presently. Examples,DSLR, digital, and lomo.Different camera gives different satisfaction and needs. Look for camera review. Camera review gives you details about the product you looking for.Every camera have it pros and cons.
  4. Set your Budget. You might want to limit your budget.
  5. Looking for the brand. Branded such as Nikon and Canon sometimes gives quality to the product.But sometimes it is not necessary to have a branded camera. As long as you look for the camera suit for the needs and it is ok.
  6. Find the best deal at the internet. You might find camera suit o your budget.
  7. Choose the camera.Find accessories to enhance the camera.
  8. Give to your loves one.Hope they like it!


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  • kevin

    December 14, 2011, 9:27 pm

    great information. This is how I got started in photography. You don’t have to start out big, you can always up grade equipment.


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